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Tips and Tricks For Soldering

I thought I would share some tips I have found helpful in soldering....First I was taught soldering in about an hour from a women nice enough to show me while in her shop.. the rest was self taught and I have made a lot of mistakes so I can be helpful in what not to do....One of my finds that I could not live without is THE MAGIC SPONGE, yes it is the best...and the answer to a lot of my cleaning needs..I use this thing for everything...well just about cause you do have to be careful on some surfaces...But the best thing ever is cleaning my finished soldered pieces.

When I started soldering it was recommended that I use steel wool, well that left a lot of scratches, I didn't like it at one day I gave the old Magic Sponge a try and couldn't be happier with it...

They are making knock offs of this product that are good enough for me, I buy Target brand and so far they have been great.

One more thing....I not only shine up my piece with the Magic Sponge, I also use it in the cleaning stage mixed with CJ's Flux cleaner and it is important to have the sponge wet...then I use it with Clarity finishing compound. Let me know what you think....I hope this is helpful...Solder On